frankie christmas wishlist – jo walker

You can always count on our editor-in-chief Jo Walker to a) look great wearing just about any pair of spectacles (it counts as a superpower), and b) rustle up some gift ideas that are sure to appease pop culture fiends and lovers of quirky bits and bobs. Treat your eyeballs to her Christmas wishlist just below.

jo wishlist

Clockwise from top-left:

1. My friend Liz is in a band called Ouch My Face. Her current album on vinyl would make an ace pressie underneath the Christmas tree.

2. I am having troubles waiting for the new Twin Peaks to arrive. Perhaps this will ease the pain (or increase the freak out).

3. I don’t know why, but I am intensly tickled by the concept of velvet socks. Perhaps some elves will swing by Darner Socks and nab me some? So luxurious!

4. If Santa is feeling particularly generous, maybe he will bring me this leafy silk tee from Sydney lady Annie Hamilton.

5. I like coffee. I like chocolate. I like this new handmade coffee bean bar from Melbourne’s Wawa Chocolatier.

6. This is right up the top of my holiday reading list. Leia and Han had special adult times in real life! That’s the kind of 40-year-old gossip I can really get behind.

7. Ho ho ho. Look at this snazzy lady and her mystery van in Melbourne artist Sean Morris’s excellent risograph print. I like it.

8. What could be more festive than molars and moths? These earrings from Misfit Makes are kind of wacko, but I like them a lot.

9. Apparently this Bon Lux candle smells like a ‘gentleman’s coat pocket’. Hopefully Santa will approve.

10. Barb! We hardly knew ye! I would like this Stranger Things tee to commemorate less monstrous times.


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