a pink crocheted house

Why did a small army of women in Sweden band together to crochet an entire country house in hot pink yarn? No, they weren’t determined to turn it into an abode for a craft-loving Barbie (although that would have been rather sweet of them, if a little strange). Rather, the objective was artistic – and a little political.

The inspiration behind the pink house project was those folks around the world who have lost their homes due to war and conflict (around 20 million people in 2015 alone). Masterminded by Polish crochet artist Olek, the community of Avesta, Sweden got on board to help the yarn-loving lass make her vision a reality, donating the house, the materials and their swift, nimble hands. Take a peek at our gallery below to see how the project came together, then head over to Olek’s website to find out more.

crochet house 1 

crochet house 3 

crochet house 2 

crochet house 4 

crochet house 5 

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