2017 frankie diary and calendar pre-order

2017 diary calendar preorder 1

Ah, 2016. Just as we start getting used to your topsy-turvy whims and ways, we realise that you’ve already invited 2017 round to play. Yep, a fresh new year is coming to take your place, but the good news is that the 2017 frankie diary and calendar are back and available for pre-order. Hooray!

We’re just a wee bit excited to pop them back in our online store, and if you feel the same way we advise you to jump in quicksticks, as they have a tendency to sell out in a jiffy.

Inside the pages of the 2017 diary you’ll find a bunch of lovely hand-drawn patterns to spruce up your days, as well as some special treats like gift tags, tear-out forget-me-nots and pretty cut-out envelopes. The 2017 calendar is home to 12 swish illustrations to keep your peepers pleased all year round, from ever-so lovely arty types like Esther Sandler, Miju Lee and Monica Ramos.

To nab just one or both of these organisational beauties, head over to our online store.

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