dress up attack festival

There’s nothing more fun that getting dressed up like a silly billy, and now there’s a music festival dedicated to doing just that. Dress Up Attack is for kids and grown-up kids-at-heart, and will feature some super-fun acts, like Patience & John (The Grates) and Kimya Dawson. There’ll also a jumping castle and a Dad Joke Bar, where we expect there’ll be as much eye rolling as thigh slapping and giggling. It’s the kind of festival you’ll probably leave with a big, stupid grin on your face, which is what we want from most events, really.

Brisbane folks: the fun comes your way on Saturday September 10th at Club Greenslopes. Sydneysiders: pop along to the Sydney Portugal Community Club on Saturday September 17th for your share of the action. Head over to the Dress Up Attack website to nab yourself a ticket and check out all the details.

Pretty pic from The Grates.

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