mid-century trellis diy

Wander through the streets of sunny Palm Springs and you’ll discover rows of the city’s iconic breeze block fences. Ahh, ’50s architecture, we love you so. Top of the list when it comes to iconic Mid-century design, the decorative concrete bricks aren’t so easy to source when you’re back in boring old Oz, but who says you can’t tip your cap to the style with a make-it-yourself, easier-on-the-hip-pocket timber version?

The clever clogs over at A Beautiful Mess have figured out how to cobble one together using just a few planks of wood – and it’s rather nifty for separating your croquet area from the flamingo enclosure, or just adding a bit of swish-ness to your backyard. Head their way for the full step-by-step instructions, plus a few handy pics, as well.

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