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save the sixties

Ever seen a pretty period home, then watched it be destroyed by developers who didn’t give two hoots about it? Sadly, it happens all too often. Designer Miles McDermott has been restoring his own Mid-century home for quite some years now, and is rather keen to get his mitts on some more American abodes before they’re turned into rubble (or even worse, blocka of modern flats). He’s raising funds for his preservation project, called Save the Sixties, over at his website.

Oh, and here’s the super-good news: not only will Miles be restoring the homes, but he’ll be making them available to the vintage loving public for tours, private events, photography sets and vacation stays. Yippee! In the meantime, take a peek at some of his lovely work below.

save the sixties 1

save the sixties 2

save the sixties 3

save the sixties 4

save the sixties 5

save the sixties 6

save the sixties 7

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