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some sweet norwegian photography

Ahh, do you smell that? It’s the scent of serenity seeping straight into your schnoz through the computer screen, and it’s all thanks to these pretty-as-pie snaps by Lia Pradal and Camille Tallent. The French creative duo took the lovely pics while staying at a cabin in the teeny village of Skjolden, Norway – a place where, if they’re to be believed, time passes by a little differently. Given this, the pair focused on swimming in the lake, writing, exploring the plains, and generally enjoying every moment in the Scandinavian hinterlands. We’ll be sure to do likewise, just as soon as our busy schedules (and bank balances) allow. In the meantime, feel free to join us in living vicariously through these lovely pics.

norwegian cabin 01

norwegian cabin 02

norwegian cabin 03

norwegian cabin 07

norwegian cabin 10

norwegian cabin 04

norwegian cabin 11

norwegian cabin 05

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