sweet valley high custom portraits

If your local childhood library was anything like ours, then its shelves were resplendent with a certain series of paperpacks about the wispy-haired Wakefield twins. That’s right – the one and only Sweet Valley High. As well as being jampacked with zingers and fun hijinks, the books’ cover art has been a source of inspiration to us over the years – specifically the fine brush detail, calming colours, and slightly stunned looks on each of the characters’ faces.

You can imagine, then, that we dissolved into a puddle of excitable goop when we heard the cover artist, Florida-based fella James L. Mathewuse, takes portrait commissions. Not only that, but he’ll draw your mug in the same iconic style as on the Sweet Valley covers – soft tones, suss expressions, pouffy hair and all. Woohoo! Jump onto his website if you fancy making contact, and start coming up with the perfect title, quicksticks.

Pic by Crazy House Capers.

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