sno ball cake

Do you remember eating snowballs – those fist-sized blobs of marshmallow dipped in cheap chocolate and encrusted with coconut flakes? Well, if you don’t, you’ve been robbed of a key life experience. But weep not, frankie friend – you can remedy this situation immediately by nabbing some snowballs, scarfing them down and passing out from a sugar high. Or, you could make this rather sophisticated snowball-inspired cake.

In America-land the wintry treats are scattered with pink coconut flakes, as opposed to the bog-standard white ones we have here in Australia – hence, why this cake is so enticingly rosy. Take a big bite and you'll find a chocolate cake inside, flavoured with coffee and layered with frosting. Salivating? Head over to A Cozy Kitchen for step-by-step instructions.

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