agnes felt cat caves

Cats can be sadistic little creeps, what with all the snatching of local wildlife and dragging their corpses back home (disguised as furry gifts). But they’re pretty damn adorable, too. And when did a rodent ever snuggle up to us while we watched TV? That’s right – never. RIP n’ all, of course, but kitties will always come first in our hearts. That’s just the deal.

If you’re in the mood to shower your feline friend with love, or you’d just like to reward them for keeping your doorstep free of rat blood this past week, then you might like to take a peek at Agnes Felt’s cat caves. These eco-friendly pet beds, handmade from natural wool by Lithuanian maker Agnė Audėjienė, are washable in warm water and are certain to keep your moggy in snuggly comfort.

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