belinda marshall’s abstract painting workshop

There are a number of ways to express your innermost feelings: howling at the moon, dancing till dawn, smashing a plate glass window with a magic eight ball. But which of these options provides you with something special to have and to hold after the fact? Correct – exactly none of them. Much better to explore your emotions through some nice, juicy dollops of paint, smeared in such a way that they tell the story of your soul and form an artwork that you can treasure forever.

If you’re keen to slap a little paint around, meet some like-minded spirits and express yourself fully (without destroying your home), then you just might like to sign up for Belinda Marshall’s abstract acrylic painting workshop for beginners. It’s happening on Sunday May 29th at HOME-WORK art studios in Brunswick, Melbourne, where participants will be guided through a project on wood. We must say, that sounds pretty darn good! Places are limited, so you'd best get in quicksticks.

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