extra-special art cards in issue 71

art cards big

If you’re yet to get your mitts on issue 71 of frankie magazine (ahem, it’s on sale here ya slow coach), you might like to know that there’s an extra-special treat tucked away inside – a lovely art card just for you!

Printed on beautifully thick card stock and sized to fit a standard 8x10 inch frame, we’re featuring two local frankie favourites – Caitlin Shearer and Georgia Perry – to hang on your wall with pride.

You’ll find one of the two designs nestled inside each copy, so pick which one you like best, leave it up to chance or save yourself from decision distress and nab one of each. Our online store is all stocked up, or you could pop by one of our lovely stockists to pick a mag up in person. Happy art hanging!

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