diy paper plant

Plants can be hard work. There’s the watering, finding the perfect balance of light and shade, and the fending off of creepy-crawlies who approach stealthily after sundown. Occasionally we have to hold ourselves back from taking a stalk and tendril of a pesky plant in each hand and crying out in vexation, “What do you want from us!?”

If that’s all a bit much for you to handle, perhaps you’d consider a less stressful tact: making this self-reliant greenery out of paper instead. The DIY, which comes from crafty lady Corrie Beth Hogg over at The House That Lars Built, results in one flowing philodendron to pop anywhere you please. Aside from a gentle dust now and then, it requires nothing from you – and given its colour, we give you permission to claim that your thumbs are still green.

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