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the watermelon bag


Imagine a beautifully crafted bag, made from the most supple leather and sparkling gold hardware. It’s lovely to hold, took hours to perfect – it’s pure luxury. But here’s the kicker: this bag was solely made to carry a watermelon. Yep, apparently transporting a hulking summer fruit in a regular tote just doesn’t cut it. At least not for Japanese brand Tsuchiya Kaban.

The Watermelon Bag is the first in a series of kooky designs under the brand’s ‘The Fun of Carrying’ project, where they hand complete creative control over to one clever craftsperson. The Watermelon Bag is the work of Yusuke Kadoi and features multiple snap closures to ensure your melon sits nice and snug. It’s both bonkers and brilliant, and you can watch Yusuke artfully doing his thing in the video below.