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the calendar you never knew you needed


Despite our constant reliance on devices, physical calendars aren’t going anywhere. It can be handy to have a new exciting picture to reveal each month as we ignore the existential shrieking of passing time. Here’s one you’re bound to love: dogs in humorous scenarios. A classic genre for sure, but photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek takes it to the next level. His hyper realistic photos depict pooches driving cars, lifting weights, getting foils.

Daniel adds a ‘bio’ for each featured dog that adds to the magic. For example, August’s star is named Bertha, who “microdoses her soup before going to Berghain” (great, now even a dog is cooler than us). We love his style and can’t help but imagine the chaos behind the scenes that lead to this hilarious series. See more of the shots over here.