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afterlife makes furniture entirely from recycled plastic


Make no bones about it: plastic waste is a massive problem we’ll be living with for much of the near future. It’s pretty cool, then, to see creatives come up with clever ways to use repurpose discarded material.

Late last year, London and Milan-based design brand Supernovas teamed up with Rotterdam’s Odd Matter studio on a range of 100 per cent recycled furniture. Dubbed Afterlife, the special range is made entirely of PE and PET plastics, found mostly in old bottles, packaging, toys, and pipes.

So far, they’ve created multi-use furniture including a bench (which can stacked to form a shelf), as well as a storage crate that doubles as a big planter pot. The end product looks a lot more like colourful granite than plastic – and the best part is that it’s all 100 per cent recyclable (how good is circularity?). The prices aren’t exactly accessible, but the project really goes to show what you can make from trash.