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pot plant gardens of japan


Wander through bustling Tokyo or picturesque Kyoto and you’ll probably stumble across a few lush clusters of potted plants lining the city streets. Brisbane shutterbug Bonnie Rose snapped these images of what she calls Japan’s ‘pot plant society’ during her last three visits to the country. “I unknowingly began to document the lack of front yards, lawns and gardens as I began to take notice of the prevalence of pot plants and container gardening,” she says. “Most people created their own green spaces and oases through a collection of perfectly placed and mismatched pots and planters.”

Bonnie quickly became fascinated with the pot plants that are dotted around the entrances of apartment buildings and shop fronts once she realised how widespread they are. “What intrigued me most was the familiar collection of common cottage plants like geraniums, violets and petunias – just like the ones on my back balcony garden at home in Brisbane, Australia,” she says. Pretty sweet, eh?