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maxi magnano’s empty spaces


What do the spaces we occupy everyday feel like when there’s nobody around? This is what Maxi Magnano explores when he snaps lone objects and empty places that would normally be bustling with life. Whether a local café or a train carriage, the Buenos Aires shutterbug aims to show that even the most common settings can feel surreal.

“I am very affectionate towards what I choose to photograph because all those places show how we as human beings cultivate our spaces, our workplaces. They are examples of how we inhabit and give warmth to a world that can also seem so cold or even sinister at times,” he tells Lomography. “I do connect with these locations in this way because they convey this duality in which the human world is so close to an inhuman or post-human world.”

With their dim lighting and lack of subjects, Maxi’s photographs are at times unsettling. Other images, like a patch of sun shining onto a vase, feel a little less haunting and a little more nostalgic. Either way – Maxi’s strange snaps are mesmerising. See more of his work on his Instagram.