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make your own papier mâché vase


Well, well, well, if it isn’t our old friend papier mâché, all grown up and oddly sophisticated. We thought we’d left you behind in grade five art class for good, but boy, were we wrong. Thanks to Corrie Beth Hogg – crafter, designer (and maker of amazing paper plants) – we’re ready to pick up the glue and newspaper again. You see, Corrie has come up with a brilliant template for a cardboard urn that you can cut out, assemble and paste over until you have yourself a striking vessel. Once you have your structure, you can paint it in a bevvy of delightful patterns like Corrie has. The final product – while not made from china or glass – deserves pride of place in your home all the same (just remember to pop a waterproof container inside if you plan on using it to display flowers). Download the template over here for around $6.