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long list: super-cute socks


Who doesn't want to be known as that one friend with the cool socks? Being recognised around town for your choice of ankle gear is a true honour, so if you're ready to take on this title, keep scrolling to nab some attention-grabbing foot coverings.

1. Nice Nice Nice, Friendly socks in black, around $20.

2. Limedrop Flower socks and Check socks, rrp $12.

3. Chatty Feet, Yayoi Toesama socks, around $15.

4. EAT.ME.DO Duck Cake socks, rrp $18.

5. Jimmy Buffalo Honey Bee sheer socks, rrp $15.

6. The Social Studio Red Floral socks, rrp $18.

7. Julie White, Flower Dance socks, rrp $30.

8. Slowdown Studio Maite Garcia socks, and Claire Ritchie socks, rrp $24

9. Shuh Starry Night socks, rrp $20.

10. Simpleday Studio, mustard socks, around $19.

11. Simpleday Studio, Delicious Orange socks, around $20.