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here’s what aussie fashion magazines looked like back in the day


Back in the ’70s and ’80s, long before frankie was even an idea on a sticky note, iconic Australian magazines like Dolly (RIP) could be found on the shelves of local newsagents and in the hands of fashionable young’uns. And if these scans of the vintage mags are anything to go by, some of the fashion trends back then were… interesting. (It was a very colourful time.)

It’s always fun to take a nostalgia trip by flipping through the pages of old-school mags, so we’re extremely grateful that Maryanne – the Melbourne lass behind the blog glossy sheen – lovingly scanned her impressive collection of the vintage publications. Sadly (and much like Dolly), glossy sheen is no longer active. There are, however, hundreds of ‘pages’ to go through, and whether you lived through the ‘80s or not – we’re certain that you’ll get a kick out of them.