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a zine about edible weeds


If lockdown walks taught us anything, it’s that there’s plenty of amazing stuff right under our noses. Take weeds for example. You might be hell-bent on pulling them from your garden bed, but some of these ‘pesky’ plants have powerful properties – you just have to know what you’re looking at. Enter illustrator and permaculture educator Brenna Quinlan. Inspired to help others connect with nature close to home, Brenna whipped up a mini guide to edible weeds during the 2020 lockdown. Her ‘Weeds’ zine gives you the lowdown on commonly overlooked plants, where to find them and how to cook with them. It’s small enough to cart around, too, so you can tuck it into your back pocket the next time you go for a loop around the block. If you like, you can nab a copy for $15 over here.