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a list of places to buy fabric face masks


We know masks aren’t supposed to be fashion accessory, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if they look a bit cute. If you lack the crafty skills to whip up your own and are hunting around for some reusable face coverings, the local businesses below should be able to help you out.

Before we get to that, though, it’s important to note that the Australian government hasn’t made masks compulsory for healthy people, though they will now be mandatory for Melburnians and folks in the Mitchell Shire from 11.59pm Wednesday 22 July. The NSW state government is also now recommending you don a mask in high-risk situations. (Obviously if you’re a health worker or sick with the virus, you should be sporting a medical-grade mask.) 

With that said, a mask might make you feel a little comfier if you’re forced to travel through public spaces, and it might help you avoid compulsively touching your face (it’s a hard habit to kick, we know). Once you’ve got one, make sure to wash your hands before putting it on, and don't forget to wash the mask after every use. Finally, keep washing your digits no matter what.

Phew! Now that you’re armed with the important health knowledge, here are some Australian businesses you can order from: 

Ford Millinery – for every mask sold, Ford Millinery will donate a mask to the Salvation Army, rrp $24.95
Monster Threads (AUS site, NZ site) – these styles feature some lovely prints by local artists, rrp $12.95
Bitter Sports – Bitter Sports' masks come with double-layer lining and punchy colours, rrp $28
Second Stitch – each mask is made by refugees and migrants who are trained by the social enterprise, rrp $18
SisterWorks – SisterWorks similarly empowers women refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, rrp $18
Alperstein Designs – these 100% cotton masks feature beautiful Indigenous designs and a filter pocket inside, rrp $12.95
Lady Petrova – if striking masks with decorative ties float your boat, these are for you, rrp $49
Mint Mask by Ailyn – a range of different sizes are available to ensure the right fit, rrp $8
Honest Studios – three-layer masks made from 100% natural scrap fabrics, rrp $25
Ownsit! – bright and poppy styles in both adult and child size, rrp $26
Pazadz – these masks have soft, breathable inner layers and sleek velvet outsides, rrp $34
Otto & Spike – 100% cotton knitted masks made in Melbourne, $9 each or 6 for $45 
The Twenty20 Store – handmade, reversible styles with adjustable nose wires and a huge range of patterns, rrp $15
Utopia Goods – this Sydney brand will use as many fabrics as they have available, rrp $19
Stitched by Megan – $5 from each purchase goes to Food Bank or the Smith Family, rrp $15
Pioneers – this UK brand makes beautiful masks that ship to Australia, around $45
Rixo – another UK brand with floral masks that ship internationally, around $52
Vanessa Gullone – this Melbourne manufacturing studio is making masks in earthy tones, rrp $18
The Ark – the Melbourne brand is selling packs of five double-layer cotton masks for $50
Par-Moi – flowers, gingham and more pretty prints from this Melbourne label, rrp $25
ULO Australia – you'll find masks made from African wax prints here. Plus, 10 per cent of all online sales will be donated to Beyond Blue, rrp $25
Kurly Wurly Bar – want to sport some poppy prints? Kurly Wurly's chiko roll and galah masks should do the job, rrp $30
Gorman – lots of colourful gingham over at Gorman, rrp $15
Kuwaii – three-layer masks up for pre-order from July 18th, rrp $19
The Social Studio – these three-layer cotton masks come in two sizes. Plus, your dollars go towards training and supporting migrants and refugees, rrp $12
Remuse – Remuse's shibori styles include an inner pocket for a filter. Individual masks are $19 or $25 with a pack of four carbon filters. 
Sprinkle Emporium – these masks are made from two layers of quilters cotton and feature a wire at the nose to help prevent foggy glasses, rrp $25
Stay Cool Masks – Melbourne maker Momay Assawapoom makes masks in a wide range of sizes. She has temporarily closed her shop to catch up on orders, but keep an eye out for when she reopens.
Big Bite Eco – available individually for $9 or as a set of four for $35
Suki McMaster – lots of colourful designs for kids and adults starting at $12
Good Cloth – machine-washable cotton masks made in Sydney, rrp $11
Edward Kwan – cotton masks made with beautiful patterned fabrics, rrp $40
Yarli Creative – an Indigenous-owned company making triple-layer, washable masks, from $35
The Normal – handmade masks with a portion of each sale going to Beyond Blue (the masks are also compostable!), rrp $20
High Dye – Melbourne-made, tie-dyed cotton masks, rrp $20
Al Ele – take your pick from straps that go around your ears or whole head, rrp $10
EAT.ME.DO – cute-as-can-be reversible face masks from the Melbourne maker, rrp $30
Baggu – Baggu masks are made overseas, but stocked in a few stores around Australia, around $46
Ollie Bean Designs – bright patterns in three different sizes, rrp $10 or 3 for $25
Sour Puss Designs – washable cotton masks available in a range of fun patterns, rrp $18
A.BCH – these organic cotton, moisture-repelling masks are available for pre-order every Sunday, rrp $33
Katie Parrot – reversible cloth masks from Tasmania (with a lovely pay-it-forward option), rrp $18, $23 with nose wire added
Theo the Label – three-layer linen/cotton masks based on the dimensions of disposable hospital-grade versions
The Co – quirky designs made with 100 per cent cotton, rrp $20
Wolf & Mishka – Melbourne-made three-layer masks using two prints from past collections, rrp $30-$50
CGR Sportswear – the fabrics of these three-layer designs have been chosen to filter out as many nasties as possible, rrp $20
George Bouy – NZ-made masks designed to sit high on the nose and tight under the chin for solid coverage, around $15 to $18
Pleated – breathable, washable and available in a large range of patterns, from $18
Mask Makery – 40 per cent of the revenue from these masks goes to Aussie makers who've lost their income due to COVID-19 (you can even register to make masks for the group!), rrp $17.50, or five for $70
Lau Lau – $5 from every purchase is donated to the Safe Steps charity, rrp $15
Retrobub – not only do these masks feature May Gibbs prints (!), they come in child and adult size and donations will be made to Beyond Blue, rrp $25
Celine Martine – a range of sleek styles made in Melbourne, rrp $29
Remade Masks – all profits from these masks (made with retro fabrics) will be donated to charity, rrp $10 + postage
By Kinsman – usually this local brand makes fancy couture dresses, but now they're making face masks to order, rrp $30
Big Dreams – beautiful cotton masks with adjustable ear loops, for both children and adults, rrp $15.95
CJO masks – made in Geelong with loads of fun fabrics, rrp $15
Captain Robbo – close-fit masks with space for an extra filter, rrp $20
Fitzroy Stitch – printed cotton masks with a filter pocket, rrp $25
The Patchwork Pear – pleated cotton masks with a filter pocket, rrp $18 (re-stocking soon)
Aarli – two-layer masks made by an Indigenous-owned company, currently available for pre-order, rrp $29
Fella Hamilton – pleated masks available in double and triple layers, rrp $9.95
iole – simple black styles available in three sizes, rrp $30
Jem Designs – these masks have an inner cotton layer and nylon outer. Bulk orders available, rrp $9 
Merino Country – featuring three layers of merino-wool knit, rrp $30
Nya – double-layer hemp and cotton blend masks with a filter pouch, rrp $25
Hew – lots of vibrant prints in cotton and linen here, rrp $24
Face It – these double layer cotton masks are made in Wellington, New Zealand and ship to Australia. Click the link in bio for an order form, around $13
Cloth Mask Me – a range of printed masks and snoods made in Melbourne, starting from $12.95
Sweet Holly – lots of pleated styles with two layers, currently up for pre-sale, rrp $8.95
Placard + Pose – printed styles in various sizes, also available as a pack of three, rrp $18
Livia Arena – a range of three-layer masks in three different sizes. Made in Melbourne, rrp $30
Anna Cordell  – pleated three-layer masks with a nose wire. Made in Melbourne from deadstock fabrics, from $29
Annie Hamilton – silk masks made in Sydney, rrp $30
Alice Nightingale – small batches made from lovely hand-dyed fabrics. Currently sold out, but keep an eye out on Instagram for restocks. rrp $25
Mosey Me – three-layer masks featuring abstract prints, rrp $25
Leonard Street – cute koala-printed masks with two layers, rrp $18 
Permanent Vacation – super-cute floral and tartan masks with scrunchie ear ties, rrp $30
Kloke – minimal designs made with three layers cotton, linen and polyster, rrp $28 
Limb – reversible, two-layer masks, rrp $27
Perple – pleated cotton masks with nose wire and space for a filter, rrp $29
E Nolan – adjustable masks made from cotton, rrp $23
Articles of Clothing – pleated cotton masks in neutral colours, rrp $37
Ge. Label – these fun printed face masks come with long fabric ties, rrp $29.95
HB Archive – these cotton masks come in two sizes and feature a nose wire, rrp $28
Think Thornbury – these come in child and adult sizes and are made from two layers of cotton, from $21
S/W/F – colourful pleated masks available to purchase individually or in packs of two and or 10, rrp $25
Meg Parry Studio – gingham three-layer masks available in adult and children's sizes, rrp $15
Reusable Mask Co – lots of pleated four-layer masks in plain colours and prints, rrp $29
Saving Face Co – two-layer masks featuring eclectic prints made in collaboration with artists. Plus, $3 from each sale goes to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown, Sydney, rrp $28.
McIntyre Merino – knitted masks made from two outer layers of merino wool and one inner layer of elastane, rrp $29.95
Muse the Label – three-layer linen and cotton masks available in pretty gingham and earthy colours, rrp $30
Princess Highway – plain and gingham masks made from two layers of cotton. Each one includes filters and are available individually for $15 or in packs of three for $45.
Made by Chrissy – printed designs with three layers and a nose wire, made in South Australia, from $11.50
Masks for Change – three-layer masks with a filter pocket. $1 from each sale goes to ReachOut, a mental health organisation for young people and their parents. rrp $22.95 
Gary Bigeni – it's all about poppy colours and polka dots for this Sydney-made brand, rrp $25
Mask Jeeves – choose from a range of eclectic prints from this small Melbourne biz, rrp $20
Closet Mod – this triple-layer mask comes in a retro floral print and is made in Adelaide, rrp $25 
Little Raccoon Mask Makers – four-layer masks in lots of different patterns and prints, rrp $20
Calico & Fern – these three-layer masks are made in Sydney from lovely Japanese-style floral fabrics, rrp $15-$18
Dead Pretty – choose from checks or plain colours from this Bondi brand. All masks are three layers, rrp $20
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – support the MSO while keeping safe with these vibrant three-layer masks. Each one comes with a carbon filter, too, rrp $25
PRiNTINK studio – masks made from soft jersey fabric. Available for kids and adults, rrp $19
Kangaroo Jack – three-layer cotton masks featuring Indigenous art prints. Ten per cent of online mask sales are donated to the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Victoria, rrp $35
Naomi Murrell – cotton and silk masks with soft lingerie elastic straps, rrp $30
The Wolf & I – checkered face masks with stretchy, adjustable ties. $5 from each purchase goes to Berry Street to care for children and families, rrp $15
Bilboa – colour-happy printed masks made from a cotton, linen and hemp, rrp $15
Farn – natural fabrics with botanical prints, rrp $20. Check @farndesigns for stock updates.
Arnsdorf –  simple black and white organic cotton masks, rrp $25
Mesa – reversible linen and cotton masks, also available to purchase in bundles, rrp $28
Wilkins and Kent – lots of floral print options here, rrp $24
The Minimal Co – this New Zealand brand makes double-layer masks that come with your choice of fastenings (elastic, short ties or long ties), starting from around $18
The Masque Club – reversible masks available in three sizes, with customisable elastic lengths. $1 from every mask sold goes to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia), rrp $15