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11 non-boring christmas cards


If you'd rather nosh on fruitcake than hand over a cookie-cutter Christmas card, have a gander at the left-of-centre designs above. Funny, sweary, and just damn delightful to look at, these cards are perfect for saying "I appreciate you" (and also "Please applaud my excellent taste in stationery").

1. Wally Paper Co – Who needs mistletoe?, rrp $6.95

2. Small Adventure – Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal (10-pack), rrp $59

3. AHD Paper Co. – Merry F*ing Christmas, rrp $5.95

4. Maybe Today – Sugar Plum I, rrp $5.50

5. Able and Game – Time to Decorate the Giant Cat Toy, rrp $6

6. Popcorn Blue – An Aussie Seal’s Christmas, rrp $6

7. Lottie Hall – Getting Ready for Christmas (12-pack), rrp $30

8. Holly Leonardson – marbled greeting cards, rrp $6.50

9. Maybe Today – Sugar Plum II, rrp $5.50

10. Able and Game – Merry Nap on the Couch, rrp $6

11. Allison and Cam – It’s Santa, around $6.60