lonely dot vintage

by georgia frances king

Our wardrobe of vintage dresses and shirts is so large we worry the floor under our closest may someday give way. This utter obsession with yesteryear threads is often stroked by online vintage stores like Lonely Dot.

Instead of just having simple model shots of their wares, Lonely Dot create a new beautifully photographed lookbook every now and then. Some of their themed ones at the moment are Paradise Lost, The Last Tango, Just Like A Woman and Pleasantville. If you like the look of something in those shots, all you have to do is scroll down, and poof! There goes your wage.

And just to make you even more frenzied, they don't cut all of their amazing dresses off mid-thigh, so they're not rendered basically useless for any event where you are required to have dignity. Let the classic cuts of the mid-calf live on!

Have we convinced you yet? Just click here to have a look (and have your credit card handy).

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