holy funk vintage

When it comes to home furnishing, Ikea is great and all – it’s got easy-to-put-together fixtures and hotdogs at the finish line. But sometimes minimal Swedish storage just doesn’t float your boat, and you’d rather go for something a little more eccentric – say, a side table made out of Mid-century crates, or a set of drawers constructed from carefully compiled old suitcases.

Holy Funk has a whole range of retro industrial furniture that you can purchase without even having to wander around a store (although that option is available too, if you happen to reside in Melbourne). Old pigeonholes and lockers are repurposed for bonus nostalgia points, and there are some neat bits and bobs for your home if you don’t fancy committing to a larger piece. Now all they need is some sort of hotdog delivery service and we’re sorted. Until then, though, pop by their website for a peek.

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