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tricia king - aka, the itchy eyes

by lara burke

Name: Tricia King (although I often take photos under the moniker of The Itchy Eyes). Lives: In an art deco house sandwiched between a train line and a semi-busy road in Brisbane with my two girls, husband, three cats and four chickens. What do you do: I document things with a camera. I used to make light react with film but a little while ago I explored making light react with pixels. Now I do a bit of both. Tell us a little about your photography style: I have always had a camera in my hand and have never let it go – I document, it's what I do. But I've never tried to photograph people formally. While I was photographing families I realised that great portraits of people are more than expressions on faces. What inspires you: The thought of greater things inspires me. I want to do greater art. I want to show my girls a greater world. I always want to capture something greater than before. What are you working on right now: I'm just framing my exhibition, In Hiding, and polishing off a number of magazine pieces. Where can we see more of your wonderful work: I have a website and a blog. I also have a solo exhibition in Brisbane during February at Lust For Life Gallery (in Fortitude Valley – opening night on the 2nd Feb) where I will be if you want to come along and say hello.

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