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the netherlands' vibrant tulip fields

by sophie kalagas

From a distance the pictures to the left might look like colour swatches in a carpet store, but up close you’ll find millions of flowering tulips, planted oh-so neatly in meticulously straight lines. The gobsmacking aerial images have been snapped by French photographer Norman Szkop, who hopped in a light plane, zoomed over the fields of the Anna Paulown municipality in the Netherlands, and created some of the most vibrant natural photography you’ve seen as a result.

Who else wants to hotfoot it to the airport and jet straight over to the Dutch countryside, so they can frolic amongst the rainbow of blooming bulbs? Good news for you, hayfever sufferers – tulips carry little to no pollen so you can leave your antihistamines at home!

Take an allergy-free look-see at the rest of Norman’s piccies over here.

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