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the disposable camera project

When it comes to photo-taking devices, nowadays disposable cameras are considered positively prehistoric, but the Colour Box Studio are digging up the single-use snappers for one rather charming event.

Returning for its third year, the Disposable Camera Project is an all-in photo hootenanny that encourages Regular Joes in Melbourne to fit some creativity into their everyday lives. For just $25, participants are handed a disposable camera for 24 hours, and asked to snap away at whatever they please before handing the camera back the very next day. All your fancy shots will then be printed care of Colour Box, and whacked up on the wall for a special exhibition at Ruffian Gallery on October 2nd.

You have until September 12th to register your participation, with the D-Day (or P-Day, perhaps) taking place on September 20th. If you dig the sound of the project, the clever folk at Colour Box are currently running a Pozible campaign, and you can donate here to make this year's event even bigger and better than in 2013.

For all other details of the Disposable Camera Project, head here.

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