tunesday - the paper kites

by georgia frances king

Driving down an empty road at night is one of our favourite things to do when our head is feeling fuzzy and we need a big splash of wind in our face. Next time you feel the need for a night time wander, maybe take a copy of Melbourne band The Paper Kite's EP with you. It's called Young North and it's the perfect thing to purge all of the badness from you body with their dulcet voices.

They're about to embark on a mah-ssive national tour next month that goes all the way til the start of November. If you want to head along, all of the details are on their website, or have a peep on their facebook page for more goodness until then.

The video clip for their new single fills us to the brim with hopeful optimism. It represents one of those days when the only way to get the weight of the world off your shoulders is to dance it off.


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