tunesday - davy simony

by georgia frances king

A lovely reader wrote into us about Davy after coming across him busking on the streets of Melbourne. Whereas a lot of the buskers around the city's inner laneways tend to rely on gimmicks to endear themselves to passersby (giant rapping robots and Peruvian flute bands, anyone?), Davy instead was impressing using his liquid voice alone. He hails from far-north Queensland originally where the salty sea air and barefooted barbecues have imbued his gentle guitar manner on his debut EP, Discover.

You can have a listen to some of his musical musings here, or pop by his facebook page to see when he's coming near you - perfect spring morning tunes, if you ask us.

If you have any suggestions for musos in your area you think we should know about, feel free to send them over this way.

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