tunesday - avaberee world premiere

Every so often we get to introduce you to an artist that gives us excited tingles – the kind that come from the knowledge that this clever thing is really going places. In the case of Avaberée, those tingles are tripled, with three wonderfully tuneful ladies turning us into a bowl of wibbly-wobbly music-loving jelly.

avaberee big

The trio from Brisbane see their tunes as a bit of a crafty exercise: warm, honest lyrics stitched together with poppy harmonies and layered over a tapestry of colourful beats and rhythms. For us, it's just great music that we're happy to blast into our ears. Maybe while scoffing cupcakes and sipping on a ginger beer.

Just last week they released the first single from their debut EP, In Your Arms I Found My Secrets, and we're chuffed to be offering up the world premiere of the summery, vaguely psychedelic video clip. Have a listen to "Can't Get You Off My Mind" below, and if you'd like to hear more from Avaberée you can hit up their facebook page or check out one of their upcoming tour dates.


Thursday March 19th - Shebeen, Melbourne
Friday March 20th - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Thursday April 9th - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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