harvest festival - sigur ros teaser interview

by georgia frances king

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Harvest Festival is about to enter its Fortnight of Awesomeness and we're pretty chuffed to be heading along to give you a little snapshot of all the behind-the-scenes frivolity.

For now though, we had a little advance chat with the delightful Orri, the powerful drummer from Sigur Ros, to get everyone laced up into their dancing shoes. Or in Sigur Ros' instance, perhaps it's more a case of grabbing a box of tissues and your best mate for a teary, blissful sway. Oh, and this little advanced snippet below has the best effect when you picture Orri talking down a crackling phone line in a snow storm like a tiny Icelandic elf.


This year and next year a lot of the time I'll be away from home, but that's just the way that is. I had my family with me on tour for four weeks in America in July and August, and that was amazing. My kids really like to be on the bus: my daughter is 12 so going to festivals at that age and being backstage... she was really into that! But now that school had started, they can't really come again until next summer and tour with me.

I don't listen back to my own music. We do in the mixing and the mastering, and then not so much. Maybe after a few years I will start. My life listens to it, so sometimes I hear it when she listens to it. And my kids enjoy it too. Maybe they're just proud!

I never play the drum set at home – I play the piano and the guitar. I have a weird relationship with my drums. I only touch them in the studio or on tour. They're just loud! I have a drum kit in the basement for my kids, but it's not as loud. They're already musical. My son is only 2 and a half and he likes playing the drums. And my twelve year old daughter plays the piano. Maybe we can start a family band?

(Full interview to revealed very shortly! Keep your eyes peeled. Also watch the website in the next week or so for some more backstage interviews with more of Harvest's artists.)


Tickets are still on sale for the Melbourne event tomorrow (alas, the Sunday Melbourne event is sold out), the Sydney soiree on Saturday November 17th and Brisbane's bash on Sunday the 18th. If you're keen to head along and catch a peek of the likes of Grizzly Bear, Beck, Santigold, Ben Folds Fives, Beirut, The Dandy Warhols and so very many more, then just head over here to nab a ticket.

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