by jo walker

Vanilla Ice wasn't the world's best rapper, but if you ask us, he gave the world's best design advice: "If you gotta problem, yo I'll solve it." Because really that's what awesome design comes down to. Here's a quandary, then here's a solution. (Admittedly, "Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it," is less helpful, but still.) That's why we like this idea so much. Living in a teensy home, as many of us do, your kitchen is on display all the time. Pots, pans, dirty dishes and all. So why not make a functional (if small) kitchen that can disappear and turn into a sideboard after use? The clever Germans behind Miniki have done just that, and they've made the whole thing staggeringly pretty and colourful as well, just for good measure. We're sure, wherever he is, that Vanilla Ice is proud as can be.

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