la petite fabrique de brunswick

Fact: pottery is not as easy as Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze made it seem. There's a whole lot of co-ordination and arm strength required to smoosh the pesky clay into shape, and for the most part, not nearly enough swoony ballads soundtracking the moment.

Despite these setbacks, French lass Lucille Sciallano has mastered the skill rather well. So well, in fact, that she's set up a ceramic business in her new-found home of Melbourne, and called the whole shebang La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick. Right now the clever lady is making bowls, cups, teapots and more porcelain prettiness from her teeny backyard shed, and you can nab a piece or two over here.

If you want to see even more from the talented Frenchie though, she's currently raising money via crowd-sourcing site Pozible to add a kiln and 3D printer to her pint-sized studio. Think of the pottery possibilities! (Or potterbilities, perhaps?) To lend a hand, find the full rundown here.

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