frankie stocking stuffers: sophie kalagas

With 'trawling the internet for cool bits and bobs' on her daily to-do list, Assistant Editor Sophie Kalagas has found plenty to ask Santa for 2015. In the interests of not weighing down his already bulging sleigh (and also not wanting to be too greedy), she's zeroed in on 10 excellent gifts that she'd be psyched to find waiting in her stocking at Christmas.


[clockwise from top left]

1. Judging by the amount of air rushing in at my feet on a daily basis, all my shoes got together and decided to fall apart at once. (Such a devious bunch.) These lace-up espadrilles from Obus would be a nice, fresh pair for summer, and, most importantly, they look pretty trustworthy, too.

2. All hail Larry David, along with any item that celebrates his cynical wit! Just as it says, this card is pretty, pretty.... pretty good.

3. The truth is, I already have a couple of these pastel ghosts from Studio Arhoj, but my dream is to fill up an entire mantel with the little clay-made fellas.

4. I've always claimed not to have a head for hats (I blame you, curly mop), but this summer I've decided to give headwear a red-hot go. Step one towards full sun protection is this cute cap from Mokuyobi Threads.

5. Did you know Bill Murray has no agent or manager and conducts his business via a 1800 number? This print by Ashley Ronning is not only a reminder of his utter awesomeness, but also inspiration to be your own boss.

6. More great shoes! This pair from Gorman is ideal for taking fancy feet between cafes and sunny picnic spots, which is handy, 'cause that's what I plan on doing all summer long.

7. Can we all agree that Bill Haverchuck is the best character on Freaks and Geeks and be done with it? I would proudly sport his mug on a t-shirt, and now I can do just that. Hooray!

8. I think I've just discovered a subliminal yearning for a Santa stocking full of pop culture knickknacks. But of course I want to pin Agent Cooper's Dictaphone to my lapel – I'm only human, after all!

9. I've recently decided to start decorating my walls at home a bit more (that's what grown-ups do, right?), and this print from artist Brett Wilkinson is both inspiring and super cute, to boot.

10. My mug cupboard is a mish-mash of kitsch ceramics and artistic stoneware, and this mammoth cup from locals Takeawei would fit in just right.

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