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creative spaces

by georgia frances king

Let's say you have an ace idea. It might be for a gallery exhibition, or a pop-up vintage clothes shop, or a home-grown veggie market - anything really. Ideas are great and all in your head, but how do you turn them into fully fledged projects? One of the most important things is trying to find a space.

Look no further than Creative Spaces. This is a new government-run website where you can search for empty spaces by location, or sign up your own creative space. You can either take a desk there for a long period of time, or just use it for a couple of days as a rehearsal or photography studio. Some of them you can rent, others you trade things for (ie - working in their gallery for one day a week). To find the right one to suit your project, you can search either by location or by the type of space. For an example, the space shown here is 'The Warehouse' in Richmond, Melbourne. You can view their listing here.

What a great idea, eh? Now only if they had a space for creative spaces. Now that's an idea.

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