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kitsch please

Finding the perfect piece of secondhand furniture can be a bit of a mission. To-ing and fro-ing from shop to shop, faffing around with measuring tapes and playing Tetris with your goodies in the back of the car: it’s all a bit tricky, and enough to have us hotfooting it to the nearest Swedish megastore.

Enter Kitsch Please, a new one-stop-shop for all things vintage- and homewares-related. Started up by a clever Melbourne lad, the website is an online bazaar of sorts stocked with oodles of old furniture, knick knacks and other homey bits. Each piece comes from an Aussie seller and is checked out for top-notch quality too, so there’s no fear of dinted tables or lumpy, bumpy seats.

Does your abode need some sprucing? Do you have homewares to spare? Either way, pop over to Kitsch Please for all the info you’ll need.

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