stuff mondays - honeybee wraps

Bees, you clever things. First you go and pollinate all our crops to feed us yummy fruit and veg, then you produce wax that can be coated on fabric and used to keep all those tasty morsels fresh.

HoneyBee wraps are made from all-round natural products like organic cotton, jojoba oil, coconut oil, tree resin and beeswax, and are a prettier and cheaper alternative to cling wrap (they keep Mother Nature rather jolly, too). All you need to do is mould the wrap to the top of a dish or around your leftover food and you’re set – with a wee bit of washing they’ll keep on kicking in your kitchen drawer for up to a year.

Right in time for picnic season we’ve got four handy kitchen starter packs up for grabs, featuring three wraps in a range of sizes and patterns. To enter the draw just send us your details, then wish with all your might for a waste-free summer.

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