how to braid a pie crust

Whether you're a baker with the basics down pat, or more of a fake-it-till-you-bake-it kind of pastry-maker, this easy-as-pie how-to might be worth a closer look.

All it takes is an extra couple of lengths of pastry and some finger-weaving skills, and your pie will be adorned with the crown it deserves. And here's the best bit – you can even cheat with a store-bought pie. Take that, 'please bring a plate'. Just nip to the supermarket for a frozen pastry, top with your own braid and a sprinkling of cinnamon, then shove it in the oven. Party guests will be asking you where you get all that spare time for baking - sneaky, huh?

Find the instructions and helpful hints on how to nail a braided pie crust here.

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