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grand cucina bakeware giveaway

by georgia frances king

Some people like the smell of fresh sheets. Others prefer the feel of a new, un-cake-battered mixing bowl and the waft of muffins coming from the oven.

If you fall into the latter category, this one is for you.

Grand Cucina are a new online kitchen goods seller that are after our hearts. Not only is everything they stock super cheap, but it ranges from the bare essentials such as baking tins to elaborate-seeming machines that look like they're medieval torture devices, not pasta makers.

Plus, it's free delivery for orders over $99 around Australia - and you can get a lot for a hundred bucks.

We have a massive set of their bakery items to give away that will appease any cookie, cake, tart or pudding maker this season. We have two packs available, so perhaps depending on the winners' gall, we may even have a bake-off (feel free to also send us samples of said goods... ahem). It features fruit-shaped cookie cutters, piping bag sets, cake rings, cooling racks, flour sifters and loads more.

Just email us here and link us to a recipe that you'd like to make with your new-found goodies.

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