make your own lilac syrup

If you’ve ever wandered around a garden and wished you could bottle up a flower scent right then and there, well, it turns out you kind of can. The lovely ladies behind Berlin-based blog Our Food Stories have dreamed up a way of bringing a little nature into your everyday life, with their recipe for lilac syrup: a liquid made solely from the lilac flower, water and sugar, and a slice or two of lemon.

Patience is key here – once you’ve popped the blossoms into the mixture you should let it all sit in a cool place for about a week. But once you’ve done the hard yards, you’ll have a lovely fragrant syrup to use in icing, cakes, or drizzled on top of things. (You could even whack it in your water bottle to make your daily hydration more fun.) Head this way for the step-by-step.

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