the jumper project

One of our favourite things about working at frankie is being able to send all sorts of arty loveliness into the world, but what's even better is when that loveliness can be used to give some friendly folks a helping hand.

If you've flipped through issue 59 of the mag (which just so happens to be available here, we'll have you know) you would have seen the Jumper Project – a little old thing that we're pretty darn excited about. We sent eight identical sweater tops to some very handy ladies with only one instruction: make them awesome. Turns out they follow directions very well, as you can tell by the bloody ace results to the left.

Top to bottom, the jumpers were whipped up by Kit Palaskas, Rayna Fahey, Peaches + Keen, Noella Thomson, Beci Orpin, Yokoo Gibraan, Molly Rose Dyson and Lu Flux. The best part is that if you get in quick you can make a bid on your favourite design, with all proceeds going to the equally awesome Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation. Hell yes! To try your luck at scoring one for yourself (and you'll have to beat us to it, so make it snappy), have a squiz over here.

Big thanks to AS Colour for supplying the snuggly threads.

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