tickets for coco

by georgia frances king

What made you want to be a designer? We spent our younger years coming up with the most eclectic outfits and outrageous hair styles. We loved to dress up and 'tweaking' outfits we purchased. So it made sense to start some pieces from scratch to get them just how we wanted them. When did you design your first range? Two short years ago, we locked ourselves in a hotel for a few days with plenty of supplies (as in champagne) and set to work. What have you learned since then? To look forward and backwards but not to the side. Describe Tickets For Coco and what you are trying to achieve. Our label is about femininity with an edgy undertone. We get excited about yummy fabrics and are drawn to feathers, lace and using ethically produced yarns and dyes. What don't most people realise about the world of design? It's as fun as it looks!

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