the scribble diary

by georgia frances king

Some of us are words people, and others are picture people. So it seems a little unfair that visually-minded folk are a bit disadvantaged when it comes to daily diaries. It's intimidating staring at all of those straight lines wanting to be filled with sentences about how your day was, when all you want to do is draw your boss with a frowny face and a moustache.

Here's a solution: The Scribble Diary. It's a new idea from doodle-happy Lisa Currie, who created The Scribble Project (which we we wrote about a few years ago.) In the diary you will find 365 sketch-friendly journal prompts that will help you express whatever it is that's occupying your noggin.

We're giving five of them away for a few nimble-fingered readers. Just email us here with your name and address, and tell us what you've been doodling lately.

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