stuff mondays - soft constructions tea towels

Fact: doing the housework is a darnsight more enjoyable when the cleaning involves a little play on words. Quips about being hung out to dry, sucked into vacuuming and too pressed for time to do the ironing make a bit of buffing and scrubbing worthwhile, and by the same token, these tea towels from Soft Constructions make drying the dishes a veritable celebration.

We've got a handful of the punny linen to send your way, sporting stomach-clenching gags like 'rice guys finish last', 'the hole lot' and 'baby, don't dessert me'. To get your hands on one, just shoot us an email including your name, address and design of choice – then check out the rest of their wordsmith wonders over here. ('Anything's popsicle' has us in fits of giggles.)

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