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moo printing giveaway

While we tend to be big believers that it's what's on the inside that counts, there are certain occasions when a spiffy exterior can make all the difference. Perfect printing of business cards, brochures, stickers and folios is important when you're looking to impress a client, friend or future employer, which is where MOO come in to help you on your pretty-making mission.

The print and design company want you to look good on paper, through lovely layouts, great stock and mantel-worthy packaging. It seems they have a special place in their hearts for frankie readers, too, as they're giving away a $300 voucher to be used in their webstore any time from now until the end of the year.

Pretty neat, huh? The good news doesn't stop there though, lovely frankites: we also have a couple of $50 vouchers on offer, and a special 15% discount until July 31st. Nabbing the discount is as easy as entering the code FRANKIE15 in the MOO online checkout – if you'd like to try your luck at one of our design-friendly freebies, email your name and address here and tell us how you'd use your special treat.

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