design for change

by georgia frances king

Design For Change is a savvy project calling for creative ideas to help make a difference. Designers and thinkers - take note!

Every two months they'll be presenting a challenge and inviting you to create a solution for it in any form, be it graphics, business plans, industrial design, film, whatever goes.

The first challenge is food waste and has already had 26 amazing proposals put forward, a few of which you can see to the left. From people making skin products out of mushy fruit to claypot humidifiers stopping veggies from spoiling in the fridge, it's all up to you, really.

The first round closes on February 25th, so you still have another week to pull an idea out of your hat and then throw it into the proverbial ring, or you can wait and see what the next challenge is going to be (we've had a sneak peek, and it's a doozy).

For more info and to get involved, just head over to the Design For Change website. And good luck!

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