pom pom art by rachel burke

by georgia frances king

Rachel Burke is a Brisbane-based crafty artist who uses pom poms as her main medium. Yes, that's right: pom pom art.

While at first thought you may imagine bowls of coloured wool, the reality is a little different. Instead of making these balls of yarny goodness look like an artwork, she instead makes everyday objects look like yarny balls. Squint your eyes a little and you won't be able to tell the difference between a scoop of choc chip ice cream and a pile of mint green fluff (that is, until you stuff it in your gob).

Also, are we the only ones who have never thought of making pom poms in any other shape aside from spheres? After seeing the egg-shaped poms to the left, the possibilities are endless: Giza-pyramid-poms! Honeycomb-hexagon-poms! Dodecahed-poms!

Her solo exhibition Pomiscuity opens tonight at Bird Gallery and Studio, 181 George Street in Brisbane. Head here for more deets.

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