green villages' gift idea videos to diy for

by georgia frances king

Between the eggnog drinking and cake eating, the thought of being eco-friendly doesn't always cross our minds at this time of year. City of Sydney's sustainable project Green Villages is out to help you change that perception though, plus walk away with some handy crafty goodies in the meantime. 

They've teamed up with Etsy to film three super simple DIY video ideas for pressies with a conscience (including a paper-free wrapping option). You can create your own macrame pot holder from the queen of the art Kitiya Palaskas, learn the traditional Japanese art of furoshiki scarf wrapping, and make your own tiny terrarium with Felicity from Rat In My Kitchen.

Plus, if you want to just print out the instructions instead of hitting pause on the videos, they have some spiffyly designed step-by-steps to follow too.

It's all over on the Green Villages website and we've got a taste to the left there - just click here to go straight to the tutorials if you'd like!

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